Roof cleaning

Our cleaning treatment will extend your roof’s lifespan by removing the lichen, mold, moss and protecting your house’s value by keeping the roof in a healthy condition. There is no need to shell out extra money on repairs or even the dreaded roof replacement, which is costly and time-consuming. Biomass such as moss, mold, and lichen that grow on roofs feed of the substrate they are growing on will eventually erode into the surface, discoloring and damaging your roof.

  • can provide professional cleaning and maintenance services to your roof made of any material.
  • are starting from basic air blow cleaning of fallen debris to moss removal to roof restoration and sealing.
  • use the latest moss removal technology, ensuring to remove all the biomasses and dirt from the surface to the last bit of it.
  • guarantee effective roof cleaning results; you can see it instantly, and the difference is fantastic.
How we do it?
  • First, we clean leaves and large debris from the roof.
  • Second, we treat it with an eco-safe spray that helps dissolve all moss, algae, and lichen.
  • The last following procedure is careful washing of your roof inch by inch with extra attention on the final rinsing of all last bits of dirt.

After cleaning, you can add a coating to your roof, which will build a protective shield against moss, algae, and lichen.

The inseparable part of the roof cleaning process is rinsing and cleaning all affected surroundings to assure that your property will be cleaner than before our arrival.

We always do a free visual inspection of the roof after cleaning for patch and repair work needed.