Our Projects

Chimney pressure washing

We cleaned this chimney as a courtesy service for our client in North Vancouver while we performed roof cleaning service.

Stairs washing

Pressure washing job at Point Grey Road, Kitsilano. The property is located right by the ocean what causes significant algae growth during the winter months. To get this result, we pre-treated the area before pressure washing with biodegradable algaecide solutions for excellent results and no harm to the environment.

Moss removal/glass cleaning.

Another example of how powerful nature can be on the North Shore. Property is close to the ocean and mountains too what generates a lot of humidity. This is great for moss and algae growth. No matter how thick is the moss carpet or algae, we can always bring a fresh look to your house. […]

Roof cleaning

Roof cleaning of this beautiful oceanfront property on Point Grey Road, Kitsilano. We cleaned this roof with the use of our biodegradable solution and low-pressure washing. An essential factor is a final cleanup of the property and surrounding areas. We want to make the owner and neighbours happy whose houses are very close to each […]

Roof soft washing

A small awning can make a huge difference. This metal was cleaned with the chemical soft wash method without using a pressure washer. We pre-treated the area with the solution and then brushed and rinsed it with a water-fed pole. We never use dangerous chemicals. Although we call it a chemical soft wash, all solutions […]

Wooden deck pressure washing

Pressure washing of the wood requires a master level of experience. Without a good knowledge of wood pressure washing, it is very easy to ruin your wooden surfaces, but if you know how to do it correctly, the results are stunning.

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an inseparable part of maintenance in Metro Vancouver area. It is essential to remove all debris and clean outlets to avoid overflowing gutter or, even worse, flooding your house.

Siding washing

Algae and grime built a solid layer on our client’s siding. With our special solution and experience, it was no problem to make it look new again.

Roof washing

We cleaned this roof with the use of our biodegradable solution and low-pressure washing. Results are excellent, as you can see in the pictures. With our great experience in roof cleaning, we know how to walk on the concrete tile roof with no damage.